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Paleontology is the scientific study of the history of past life on Earth. By investigating the fossil record

scientists gain a better understanding of how past life behaved and interacted with each other and their environment.


The study of dinosaurs is classified under the field of vertebrate paleontology.


Prior to 1990, only 12 Tyrannosaurus rex specimens had ever been collected. 

Of those specimens, less than 40% of each dinosaur was recovered. 



Noted Paleontologists and Scientists appearing in DINOSAUR 13:


PETER LARSON, Paleontologist & President, Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.

NEAL L. LARSON, Paleontologist & President, Larson Paleontology Unlimited

BOB FARRAR, Geologist & Secretary/Treasurer, Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.

ROBERT BAKKER, PhD, Paleontologist & Curator, Houston Museum of Natural History        

PHILIP CURRIE, PhD, Paleontologist & Curator, University of Alberta

SUSAN HENDRICKSON, Field Paleontologist

TERRY WENTZ, Former Chief Fossil Preparator,Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc. 

PHILLIP MANNING, PhD, Paleontologist & Professor, University of Manchester

CARSON MURDY, PhD, Archaeologist, U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs

VINCENT SANTUCCI, Paleontologist & Senior Geologist, U.S. National Park Service

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